HONG KONG GEMSTONE MANUFACTURERS’ ASSOCIATION (HKGMA) was founded on 18 January 2005. It is the first and only dedicated trade association in Hong Kong gemstone industry. Since its inception, HKGMA has received a strong support from the industry and maintained a solid membership base consists of gemstone manufac-turers and traders from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and lndia. With such diversified and representative mem-bership, HKGMA plays a vital role in the development of gemstone industry.

In order to facilitate the growth of Hong Kong gemstone industry and explore international export markets, HKGMA organizes different kinds of activities to open up international vision for local industry practitioners.HKGMA also cooperate with goverment policy to open up the rich business opportunities in mainland China under the framework of “government-industry” cooperation.

The missions of HKGMA are:

  • To unite all participants in gemstone industry so as to endeavour for a better business environment and more business opportunities.
  • To strengthen the competitiveness and improve the productivity of Hong Kong gemstone industry for maintaining Hong Kong as the gemstone supply and trading center in the World.
  • To represent the best interest of Hong Kong gemstone industry in liaising with government, other association and related organizations.
  • To promote the image of Hong Kong gemstone industry to the public and enhance linkage with other sectors of the society.