Honorary Life Founding President Foreword

王少益 第四屆理事長

Wong Tat Wah

Honorary Life Founding President

Ten years ago, Hong Kong Gemstone Manufacturers' Association (HKGMA) was established, and today is the 4th Inauguration Ceremony. As Honorary Life Founding President, it is my pleasure to meet all the counterparts coming from China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. On behalf of HKGMA, I wish to express my sincere appreciation for all your dedication and support, which make the HKGMA to gain reputation and recognition from community.


It is truly thankful to contributions and supports by counterparts, strengthen the Association growth to a top organization consisting of over hundreds members. The tenet of Hong Kong Gemstone Manufacturers' Association is to unite all participants in gemstone industry so as to endeavor for a better business environment and more business opportunities, and strengthen the competitiveness and improve the productivity of Hong Kong gemstone industry. I truly believe HKGMA will enhance communication and co-operation, extend the sustainable development of Greater China area, and foster a brighter future for the local gemstone industry.The rapid development of economic and remarkable growth in Mainland China is very favorable for the development of the gemstone industry. Exporting gemstone to Europe and United States for business becomes history. Recognition, likeiness and populatiry on gemstone had rapidly increased by the clients in mainland China. Gemstone industry has a steady rise on development in China market. As a result, the Association is striving to enhance the work of Mainland affairs, hence increase the opportunities for exchanging experiences between Hong Kong and Mainland China and enhance industry interest and market standing. Under the preceding leadership of Chairman, President and the efforts coming from the committees and staff team, consolidate Hong Kong Gemstone Manufacturers' Association with strong foundation. We hope the new Committee Board will continue to cooperate with members and counterparts under the elite leadership of President Mr. Patrick Wu and Chairman Mr. Willy Wong, expand and gain the influence of local gemstone industry.

Last but not least, I would like to express my gratitude to all members for their great support, and hope HKGMA enjoy greater success and brilliant future.